What Will You Take With You?

There are great piles of gold, gems and treasured items that stack almost to the ceiling in some of the scenes in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  Yet atop those piles of gold are nothing but skeletons, cold reminders that the flesh will ultimately give way and return again to the earth as God declared (Genesis 3:19).  The intellectual component to our being understands that we can’t take this stuff with us, that when we die, those prized possessions, the money, the real estate, whatever it is, that these things will not be going with us to our eternal destination.

God Will Defend Himself

God Will Defend Himself

One of the intriguing aspects of the Indiana Jones movies is the elaborate booby-traps through which he has to navigate. These are generally set-up in some sort of pagan temple in order to protect the sanctity of the area from unbelievers and to protect the treasures that are supposed to belong to the deity. When one considers it rationally, it is amazing the things that people will do to supposedly protect a deity. Yet should a deity need the protection of mere mortals?

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